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Bring Meaning To Life With Poetry

Daily chores and activities often get in the way of living a happy and fulfilling life.  For most people the routine is the same: wake up, go to work/school, come home, have dinner, relax, go to sleep, repeat.  While there are often other sprinkles of activities thrown into the mix, they are sometimes just as mundane as any other daily task.  To truly grasp everything life has to offer, consider this.  Poetry has been around for centuries and is highly praised by literary professionals.  It has the ability to capture experiences and emotions in a way that many other medias simply cannot.  Poetry has fallen out of style in modern times and many are not as interested in what it has to offer as they used to be.  This is a sad reality that will no doubt soon be corrected.

    Music, art, and literature all contain aspects of poetry.  With music, it is a bit more obvious.  Lyrics can flow and rhyme like any classic poem and be just as moving.  Art, especially from the classical period, often uses poetry as inspiration while the reverse is also true.  Many paintings have lead poets to some of their best work.  Epic poems from Homer are still being read and taught in schools as part of the curriculum as is Beowulf which widely known as one of the most important works of literature in history.  The influence that poetry has on modern society is nothing short of amazing.    


    In more recent times, poetry has taken on different moods and emotions to capture the essence of the passing decades.  In the 1960's beatniks flooded lounges and coffee shops to showcase their own brand of expression.  With all the political turmoil and social change that was going on, poetry allowed people to say what they felt in a positive and reassuring manner.  The 1990's saw a rise in poetry slam competitions that took spoken word to a whole new level.  The angst of the grunge era gave many people the desire to shout out their own thoughts in the form of poetry.  With the state of our current world, it is only a matter of time before a new generation puts its own stamp on the art form known as poetry.            

    While some people choose to rhyme, other may feel that free verse is more their style.  No matter which method a person may prefer, poetry has always been a creative outlet that everyone has access to.  Many will choose to showcase their work, and others will enjoy keeping their words to themselves.  The essence of poetry is creativity, and personal intuition can lead anyone to their inner voice.  Metaphorically speaking, people often find the need to let their minds drift to other worlds and new surroundings.  Poetry can allow for all this and more.  All anyone really needs to do is sit down and write.            


Bring Meaning To Life With Poetry


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