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Express Yourself in Poetry


Communication is knowing just how to use your words to convey the way you feel. Did you know that in writing, grammar can be butchered and you can become really famous for butchered grammar. It is all in he way you express the words. Feeling and emotions are not the same, they are different because emotions come from the mind and soul, but feelings include physical sensations. Feelings go away, but emotions linger on being sealed in your mind, unable to forget.


All of the lines in the poem will relate to the word written in an Acrostic poem. The first letter of each line spells out a word, name, or phrase when the poem is read vertically. Here is an example:

Shines bright during daytime

Ultraviolet rays penetrate the window

Noontime temperatures are rising


Reflections is like peering into a magic mirror and seeing all parts of yourself, mind, body, and soul.


Music will allow you to open the door to your soul. Music without the lyrics or words, is a melody. Listen to some music without words and tell a story to the tunes and beats and it will become a song. 

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the most talented of all? Remember that you have a magic mirror and it can only be described by the words you say. Describe your mirror in such a way that you want others to see or understand you. This should include physically, intellectually and personally. Tell about yourself from the inside and out. Express yourself........

In the heat of the summer I do not rest

That is when I do damage best

I am the mosquito who loves to bite

It is not hard to find me at night

You will not escape my gruesome attack

I will even bite you on the back

The sun gives warmth to the earth for me to survive

I am the mosquito and I am alive


Structure includes breaks, stanzas, rhyme and meter. 

Foot- monometer (1 foot) dimeter (2 feet) trimeter (3 feet) tetrameter (4 feet) pentameter (5 feet) hexameter (6 feet) heptameter or septenary (7 feet)

Meter- iambic pentameter, or a number of feet within a line of traditional verse.

Stanza- meters and rhymes are usually repeating or systematic. Example:

I work my fingers to the bone all day long all day long Something is going to come my way Yeah! I will find a way today A way for you and me bring us out of poverty These old river blues will never die So, mama don't you cry for me Don't cry for me I'm leavin' on the Delta Queen Gonna roll this river see what I can see Gonna make a way for you and me Don't ask why and don't you cry these old river blues will never die


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