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Hip Hop Changing Life


Rap music is set in the rich hip-hop culture.  So rap is one of the components of hip-hop. This music genre started in the 1970s in America. The name hip hop came up with a rapper known as Keith cowboy who was teasing a friend who joined the army with the rhythmic sound from army marches “hip \hop.” Apart from rap, hip pop also consists of break dancing, scratching and graffiti writing. However, rapping and hip-hop can be used synonymously at times because hip-hop comes with practicing rap. The genre has since developed other complex styles and has spread outside America to other nations and developed other subgenres.


Hip-hop music just as any music genre, addresses social issues. Rich hip-hop history, since its inception in the 1970s, was evidenced to have addressed the issues of that time. The artist spoke about the realities of life in a rhythm especially those faced by the young black Americans. The sub-genres came up with the issues each rap addressed and the times. The second wave after the inception is referred to as a new school hip-hop, and there are many artists who belonged to this era. Gangsta rap also came up with the realities of the criminal lives of African American youths. The artist of this subgenre mixed social and political commentaries with the elements of gangster rap. This subgenre made the other populations socially aware of the social problems in the society. The concerned parties will think about the issues and may drive them to formulate policies that will change the lives of those youths.

 The rap game keeps changing and has since diversified to other regions and gained its popularity in the 1990s and was assimilated by other popular genres. In the 2000s, hot new hip-hop music was evidenced to take a notch higher with the kind of music sang by some of the most popular new artists such as Kanye West. The other rappers that are more popular include the likes of Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Nicki Minaj among others. With its popularity many artists in other countries have started rapping, and since then, hip-hop becomes popular every day.


Rich hip-hop is rich because it goes beyond entertainment and addresses the social grievances that the common man faces in the society today especially in the developing countries. They fight social injustices through their music and call on the appropriate authorities to address their concerns. A new artist in the genre should identify this concerns and find a way to present them in a rhythm thus making music out of it.  This way, the music will not only entertain the listener but also touch their pressing issues. Their fans at the end are entertained, and their opinions have shared.

Rich hip-hop culture gives people hope. Rappers who rapped about poverty and the struggles of growing up in the city, their achievements after those struggles and therefore, give hope to the youths living that life at the moment. For instance, those who grew up with absentee parents and would have lost in drug addiction give hope to youths who are at risk due to drug addiction.  Rappers also made youths socially and politically aware because the major listeners were youths. Like other genres, rap music is a genre celebrated by the youth and the people of low class in the society. Rap also unites this person in their hope to go past these issues such as the song entitled “self-destruction” by the East Coast All-Stars.

Hip-hop rapper tips

 The new rapper tips that an individual should have is first, to entertain and change lives. With these as a major goal, an artist will never lose his fans because the listeners are the priority in every work. Secondly, the rapper has to make plausible decisions every day either politically or socially because there are people who look up to them and support them. Finally, new issues emerge daily the artist, therefore, should be in touch with those issues to keep entertaining and touching lives. A new rapper should also use language effectively because language is a raw material. The hip-hop language of the 20th century is not the language of today to influence the listeners, but the language should be up to date and thus creating effective communication between the artist and audience.



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