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Magnitude 7 Golden Poetry And Rap - Welcome To Enter My Creative World

I had dream to do this music full time and just wanted to focus my energy on creating bringing my ideas into this world. There are many hinderance on my way. Concerning about supporting my family I had been running away from my callings. It seems that there is something missing in me that I just had to do. Following my inner voice I had sit down and go with the flow. Just had to dig my mind of how I can do this. I began to see that I need to love and trust myself more. From this I had sat down and just go with my intuition. For hours I look and check this website of Wix that I’m uploading my music and poems on. I had seen this pricing plans on this website which unlocks a way to open the doors of my dreams. Doing poetry and rap music can I really do this full time? In today’s world music artist relies on streaming and online merchandising. With the rife opportunity of online it really is just a matter of learning things. Knowledge is power just as what they say and ”The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” - Eleanor Roosevelt. I am sincerely asking For fans support by subscribing on my website as we get to know each other and my lovely supporters can enter my creative world.


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