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New Conscious Rap Music From Magnitude 7

For the lovers of conscious rap music, a NEW album is underway. Magnitude 7 from Bay Area, California is releasing new conscious rap music: The Temple Of Art And Logic is a new website to listen to. Magnitude 7 is popularly known for his spiritually uplifting music. Like most lovers of music Magnitude 7 expresses his passion for music and humanity through inspirational poetry in rap. Magnitude 7 draws his inspiration from rap metal/funk artist and activist Zack de la Rocha and the hip-hop legend Tupac Shakur. The music production style is quite personal and the lyrics relate to actual current matters in society that all people can identify with. Magnitude 7 expresses his love for humanity, spirituality and coexistence through his music in the latest releases in The Temple Of Art And Logic.

Tupac Shakur inspired the compositions through his singularity in music production, resonating with the young people who have interest in self-identity and other psychological matters. Although Tupac’s music is popularly considered gangster music, his is a combination of toughness and tenderness, both into one being. Tupac expresses tenderness when he pays tributes to those who help him to grow in a harsh society through his music; his mother, for instance. Today’s society, similar to that which Tupac lived in, presents varying encounters that may place stress on an individuals mental and spiritual well being. Struggles and hardships caused by ambient factors such as police brutality, crime, drugs and even politics were vividly addressed by Tupac in his music. Great music that addresses the emotional nature of humans, while sticking to the truth, provides an outlet for anger and a path to self actualization. Tupac had conscious moments of self-examination and this is also projected through his music. The process of examining oneself is a great way to attain spirituality and Magnitude 7 rhythmically blends his own life story into the lyrics in the latest conscious rap music.

Magnitude 7 was also greatly influenced by Zach de la Rocha. From a punk band stage performing artist to a rapper, Zach’s music establishes the rap/rock genre combination in all the 13 tracks. Zach utilizes vocals and instruments such as guitar and drums to bring out the rhythm of his rock music. The most intriguing aspect of Zach de la Rocha’s music is the call for political revolution. Politics has profound influence on human wellness because politics is a significant aspect in the US justice system. Zach expresses a desire to challenge the youth to keep their minds open and question their leadership. Racism, for instance, is a politically influenced human behavior that is caused by politicians spreading hateful messages towards certain races in an attempt to gain popularity or split followers. As Zach’s parents were US immigrants, he faced struggles with racism and being different. Zach even talks about influencial people using the commercial interaction between artists and their fans as a platform to spread their racist ideologies. His music was a mode of coping in a judgemental society and that greatly contributed to the development of The Temple Of Art And Logic.

All good music is established on poetic lyrics. Rap contains poetry since the words run fast. Magnitude 7 cleverly and fluently rhymes his vocals over amazing beats. The conscious rap music of Magnitude 7 is a prime example of diverse poetry in which every person can please their poetical taste buds by listening. The lyrics are clear and cover a vast range of feelings and emotions by resolutely interpolating current practical matters into the album to meet the baseline expectations of rock/hiphop music fans. Just as Tupac and Zach, Magnitude 7 music also relates to current matters concerning the state of the nation. Conscious rap music which conveys his messages in subliminally poetic lines that address racism and discrimination, spirituality, struggle and hardships and revolutionary views on politics. The music speaks for itself and listeners can identify the verbal art and poetry by listening to the tracks.

New conscious rap music to listen for free


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