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What comes to your mind when you hear the word poetry? I can guess for you think of a love poem, an artist or some piece of words with rhyming words. The real definition of poetry is that it is a written literary work in verses of high quality showing imagination and deep feelings with elegant and beautiful quality.

In our current world of the 21st century many people do not embrace the importance of poetry as it was in the day of Romeo and Juliet. Back then people expressed their emotions through the words of poetry. Poetry comes as an inspirational element to the human heart since it soothes the heart and the mind. So let us now talk poetry in terms of its importance to the society, imagine yourself sitting in a room and a person is reciting sweet words from lines in a poem, it feels so inspiring and evens draws out emotions from within you.

How many people know the techniques on how to write a poem or basically poetry? Many will tell that you have to have lines of rhyming and metaphorical words that when recited should create some rhythm. Let me teach you a few basic things on writing poetry that will be both educative and inspiring to both you and your audience. One, the poet must understand what the audience intends to hear from this poem, secondly, the writer should also determine what feelings will be triggered to the audience once they read that piece of work. Lastly, the writer must ensure that all the rules of writing poetry are followed to the letter to ensure that the poem written is authentic and has a flow of ideas.

Poetry is of great importance to the society as it teaches them about their cultural and linguistic history since poetry is as old as the human language. Secondly it teaches individuals on ways of expressing their emotions through art and artistic work.

The art of writing poetry is a particular language and a natural gift that belong to certain individual within the society. The individuals have the ability to express their intuitive ideas and feeling to members of the society in order to teach the culture, history and lingual origin of the involved community or society.



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