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Poetry and Personal Expression

One of the most romantic forms of self-expression is poetry. It can also be one of the most difficult, which is probably why many people shy away from it. While most anyone can come up with a few lines that rhyme, writing poems that flow well, have a good rhythm and are a true inspiration can seem like something only a true artist can accomplish.

Taking the time to understand and explore the heart of poetry, however, can help to unveil some of the mystery and make this art form more accessible to everyone. If you have an interest in poetry or simply love writing or words, you owe it to yourself to take a closer look and discover the essence of this beautiful form of expression.

At its heart, poetry is communication. But it is communication on a more intuitive level. Poetry paints pictures with words and these pictures convey sentiments and emotions in a way that ordinary prose does not. If you find it difficult or tedious to try to understand poems, try reading them with this in mind. Carefully read the words and think about the images or emotions that come to mind with those words. Thinking metaphorically - are the words representing other ideas? - can help as well. The idea is to gain an understanding of the feeling the artist is trying to convey, not necessarily the word for word interpretation.

Once you have learned to read poetry in this new way, you can begin writing it yourself. It's not as daunting a task as it may seem. Using a similar method, begin to visualize the feelings you want to express. Are there any images that come to mind? Describe them, using powerful words and short descriptions. Fortunately, poetry has many varieties of forms, so you are not limited to only rhyming lines. Use your imagination and find words that resonate with your emotions, whether they may be commonly used or not. 

It may take some practice, but allowing yourself to think and write "poetically" can be accomplished and even mastered with some time and dedication. And it is certainly worth the time to engage in this beautiful, expressive art form. It will not only free your mind to think outside the box, but open your heart to a new world of expression that can enrich your world as well as the world of those around you. Take time to discover poetry today and soon you may find a new poet within you!



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