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Poetry And Yourself

In our modern, fast paced world it’s very easy to become disconnected from spirituality and a sense of who we are. This can lead to living a hollow existence with little joy and distant relationships.

In order to become a more spiritual person it is necessary to become more aware of both your feelings and the world around you. Only when this has been done can you reconcile the two and achieve a sense of spirituality.

When it comes to increased spirituality creativity and forms of art are the pathway necessary. One of the purest and most accessible forms of art is poetry. Poetry has become less popular in today’s times. This is a shame because without it people are missing out on an easy way to understand and express themselves.

You can write poetry right now. Poetry does not have to be in a certain language or format. Some of the most famous poetry in the world is written in dialects or with colloquialisms contained in the text. With poetry you do not have to learn to draw or go out and buy paints and canvasses. If you have a pen and paper you’re all set.

If you’re stuck for what to write about think about how you feel right now. If you feel nothing in particular you can write about that. Write about what you can see from your window. The chances are as your poem progresses you will start to add your thoughts and feelings into the description. You may not even realize you felt a certain way until you see it on the page. Think of topics or subjects that you are interested in. Maybe you saw something on the news that got your attention recently. Literally anything can be a starting point for poetry.

When you finish your poem you can leave it as it is or edit it. Sometimes the process of editing represents a person’s desire to connect with other people. They may remove points that are on a tangent or reword things which might not be clear to another person reading the poem.

Your poem can be something you just write to make yourself feel good. It could be part of a collection that you eventually publish or it might be something you share with others. The choice is yours.



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