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Poetry Is Valuable

Poetry is a release of feelings put into words, allowing the writer a feeling of catharsis. Poems are written art that inspires us, give rhythm to our emotion, and put a beat to our words. This is why poetry is valuable. Poetry is proof of who we are, what we are about, how we feel, and why. Poetry can lift our spirits, heal our hearts, and transport us to foreign lands. Poetry can enlighten us to the view of others. It bridges time and space. It introduces us to the beat of an artist’s drum, lifts our spirits and carries us to where we want to be.

Writing poetry is akin to writing music. There is a rhythm to the words spoken aloud. The words are their own heartbeat. Many poems have a specific count, such as sonnets and haikus. They challenge the poet to fit their requirements while also expressing the poet's thoughts in a satisfying manner. This challenge and the desire to express oneself is a large part of why poetry feeds our soul.

It is believed that both reading inspiring poetry and writing it helps hospital patients. Poetry is a positive way for children to get in touch with emotions they don't know how to deal with. It is believed that poetry can help those with depression. It is a creative way to express things that are difficult to look at in one's life. Poetry is a positive way to vent or let out frustrations otherwise pent up. Learning poetry by heart is a fun and educational way to sharpen the mind and memory. It can be used to remember other things like piano scales and math formulas. It helps elderly people keep their mind sharp and their memories from failing as fast. Poetry is valuable because it brings the heart into the scope of literacy. It allows us to give life to thoughts and feelings in a nonthreatening way. Poetry asks to be experienced. It calls to people in different ways. Some find a certain phrase in a poem exciting. Some love the imagery it evokes. While others write poetry to use that word they love. Whether it is the word's sound or meaning is irrelevant. The point is that by creating poetry they use the word in a way that lifts their spirits in a way only poetry can. Yes, poetry has value, in many different ways. And although not all poetry is happy, all poetry gives life to our feelings and illustrates to others what we wish to express in a way that satisfies our innate need to express ourselves in our own unique way.


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