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Poetry: The Lost Art Form

Poetry Is a Form of Expression That Defies Expectation,

It Is a Form of Art That Comes From the Heart,

It Is a Play-on-Words Where Thoughts and Feelings Converge,

While Many Consider It a Lost Art Form, Poetry Is a Venue for Emotions to Be Transformed.

It Is So Much More Than Just Words on a Page or a Nifty Turn of Phrase,

Poetry Is a Form of Art That Leaps Off the Page and Speaks to the Heart.

It Is a Means of Self-Expression That Encourages Diversification,

It Is a Totem From the Heart That Sets Its Author Apart,

It Is a Figure of Speech That Digs Deep,

It Is a Verbal Exercise for Which Artists Are Inclined.

Why Is It Considered a Lost Art Form You May Inquire?

Is It a Stylistic Choice or Simply a Lack of Desire?

The Best Poetry Stokes the Fires Within and Gives the Readers a Win.

The Power of Prose Should Be Honored and Never Considered Out of Date.

For What Other Art Form Allows Artists to Better Convey Love or Hate?

Poetry Has the Capacity to Broaden Our Horizons and Expand Our Minds, 

The Sky's the Limit in Terms of What We Might Find,   

Poetry Can Also Bolster Our Ability to Comprehend What We Feel and Know, 

It Is Up to the Artist to Determine Its Structure and Flow.

This Brings Us Back to Our Central Query Which Should Not Be Answered With Haste,

The Question of Whether or Not Poetry Is a Lost Art Form Should Be Considered Case-by-Case.

Any Art Form That Allows Readers and Artists to Thrive Should Not Be Allowed to Die,

Any Creative Endeavor That Provides Their Creators With the Opportunity to Grow and Expand Should Be Given a Helping Hand and Time to Get on Its Feet,

Any Form of Expression That Comes From the Heart and Encourages Wordsmiths and Readers to Display Their Inner Core Cannot Be Dismissed or Considered Obsolete.


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