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Providing Poetry to the New Generation


Our world is a constantly changing place, and we tend to change along with it. Literary works help us be inspired to perform bold actions in this world. They do this by teaching us lessons or motivating us. Our fast-paced world seems to be losing value in poetry and art. Valuing the deep thinking that goes into poems and valuing the poems themselves can allow you to see the beauty of using words to create something motivating and beautiful. What will you create?

The Power of Words

Our thoughts are important and can help us learn. By analyzing what you learn, your thoughts and beliefs can morph into new ideas. Poetry helps us move along this pathway of learning. Rappers like Eminem are poets in their own way. They rhyme about their life, about their story. In addition, they help themselves understand themselves, learning in the process. As they map their thoughts into raps and poems, they are able to see their thoughts laid out in a pattern. We, as humans, have emotions that make us feel many different things. Using these emotions as a fuel for ideas and thoughts can get us far into deep thinking. Furthermore, writing poetry can sharpen our thoughts and wisen us. The power of words is unlimited. Great people, such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi used only their voices and words to make their ideas known. Because of this, these amazing people made a considerable difference in their world. Be inspired. Be motivated. Writing a poem is intuitive; you simply need to organize your ideas and present them in words. You will be surprised to know that your ideas, emotions, and questions are worth knowing. We, as mankind, will make terrific advances with our words. You can be an artist with words, from writing deep tales to inspirational poems. Being creative only takes something small, like a single word, to become something huge.


Our words are our greatest weapon. You can use them to make unimaginable creations. Your thoughts matter. Imagination and art are not meant to be suppressed, they are meant to be loved and grown. Writing is an art that can grow and improve over time. Write. Think. Create. You will never regret creating beautiful works that inspire, motivate, and teach. 


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