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Sincerity For A Masterpiece - Natural Truth Is Perfection

We live in a world full of judgments that good and beauty is our number one concern. What is the precise meaning of sincerity? To clarify this is to start by asking who are we living for in the show of being alive. Are we listening more on what the outside influence is saying and not what’s inside of us. The in-depth definition of sincerity is heartfelt and mindfulness. To speak and hear the true words of our heart is to awaken our soul. Living the moment and develop the film of our mind is the genuine art.

The quality of the art should be just as how the alchemist understood it. How chemistry works is relationship and reactions. If we put our soul and live the moment with what we create we will bring out the light on our works. The ones who are walking the great works understands that they are one with their composition. The energy of the art resonates the frequency and vibrations of the creator.

There’s no mystery other than ourselves. How a book of hidden contents we are that we can’t even read what’s inside us. Numb are we turned by these human conditioning. To know the words of our heart is how we are open with our souls. How evil can I be than be numb? To accept and unleash the truth in us is the true expression of “I am alive!!!” Our spirit is like a fire to be turned on and our soul is like the water. Our psyche is our monument, it is how we bring this picture to the world that they can recognize us. Thy own soul is our drink let’s not let it be contaminated but purify it.

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