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The Center Of My Being - Father's Love Song For His Child

You Are The Center Of My Being is a deep meaningful saying of ” You Complete Me.”

Magnitude 7 shares his message in this Fathers love song for his lovely daughter Vianne and shares his trial as he comes into realization the golden gift of being a responsible father. Working away from his daughter and as a new father his point of view as a young man had changed. From a self centered man he is given the Spirit to have an open mind and be optimistic in trial as he now knows that he is a father.

This Father’s Love Song is deep and meaningful that will surely touch every father’s heart. With a melodic beat and great rap flow. This father’s Love Song will be loved by all listeners. A new rap music to share and be treasured.

Wear The Music Art Design And Share The Touching Love Message Of This Song. Great gift for new fathers and all the loving dad.

The Father Figure

A family is the most essential thing in our lives. Everybody in the family is very important and ought to be respected. There is nothing as important as being recognized as a member of a particular family. Parents in most cases feel so good when they spend time with their family members. A father is an essential member of the family just like every member. Traditionally, the mother is regarded as the sole nurturer of the child. Father’s role is lowered to a secondary status. But all of us are aware that the father is as important as the mother. In most instances, children depend on their father for spiritual, emotional, physical and social well being. For daughters, a father is the first man whom they adore whereas for sons, they aspire to be like their dads. Being a father is a great feeling and a demanding thing too.

According to some sociologists, children involved with their fathers are less likely to have cases of dropping out of school or break the law. When guided by their parents they grow up keeping in mind what their father or mother taught them. Hence to show gratitude for the contributions of a father and appreciate their love, father’s day is celebrated. Globally, people celebrate father’s day to celebrate fatherhood, show honor and recognize efforts of a father in an individual family and the society at large.

Characteristics Of A Great Dad

A father has the responsibility of taking care of his children as well as his wife. The following are some of the hints of making an impact on your family’s life.

Put children’s interests first- kids are blessings in the lives of the parents and the society at large. Since they are blessings, their interests have to be given priority. As a dad, you may take them to school, buy them whatever they need as long as it is affordable or listen to what they say.

Protect your children-the central role of a father is to be a protector. There are many ways to protect your children and the family. Setting a good example to the children by buckling up, teaching the kids on safety measures, financial security is vital in case of anything unexpected. Insure your car, have an emergency fund and life insurance.

Create time for your family- even thou the day may seem busy; you have to try to create some time for them. After a tiresome day of working, one feels so exhausted and wants to rest, but this is the best time to bond with the family. During weekends make the most out of the short period. The only thing children want is to spend time with their dads. After all, when children grow up they will not have time to spend with the father, hence spending time with them when they are young is more appropriate.

Play with them- a child easily gets bored when he/she has nothing to do. To make them active, the dad has to make them productive by playing with them. You can play within the house or outside in the field. Try out various games and ensure they do not get hurt.

Read to them-this is the most essential thing you can do for your child. Kids’ books are interesting to read when reading the child feels so good, and parent to daughter or son bond is made stronger. The child’s reading skills are sharpened when reading is made a habit.

Stand with their mother- do not quarrel, fight or contradict their mother in front of them. How their mother is handled affects their self-esteem. Hence you have to try and treat their mother well. Work as a team, and the child will also emulate.

Be kind to yourself-when you become a dad; you do not have to give up your entire life for the children. Make time to be with your friends, engage in physical exercises, take care of your health among others.

The father challenges his children-a father wants his children to be the best and know how to handle situations and circumstances that will come their way. To accomplish this, a father challenges them. He can make them build something for the house, or expect them to resolve a conflict or engage them in an activity that entails looking for a solution.

Teaches his kids-a father figure is the main source of information in men’s ways and has to teach his kids. He molds his children into a well-rounded member in the society. Teach them on how to be honest, discipline, grateful or hardworking.

He is a good disciplinarian- a good father who loves his children does not approve of his children’s misdeeds. Through disapproving, he can decide to use his words to rectify or warn the child not to make the same mistake.

A great father knows that every child is different in one way or the other. We are all born different, at times one child may perform or be active compared to the other. The best way to deal with such a situation is to help the two children in their areas of weaknesses or strengths instead of comparing and cursing them.

Benefits of Becoming A Father

Being a father is not that easy, but if you are still juggling with the idea of becoming a dad, you should learn from the benefits and make up your mind.

Fatherhood makes you a better man. Some studies prove that when one becomes a dad, it helps a lot with job satisfaction or health. It may not apply to all men as some men who are dads tend to be lazy, discouraged or feel overworked.

Personal health improves. Research shows that fatherhood makes one make better choices. According to Parents Magazine, a father quits some habits like smoking and prefers to eat home cooked meals and hence lives a healthier lifestyle.

The activity level increases. Engaging in exercises through playing with children helps dad become more active.

A family man is less likely to be stressed out compared to other male subsets. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, they discovered that men with stable family relations are less likely to have stress. Their chances of having chronic pain, insomnia, fatigue are very minimal.

Father’s day

To show gratitude for the contributions of a father and appreciate their love, father’s day is celebrated. Globally, people celebrate father’s day to celebrate fatherhood, show honor and recognize efforts of a father in an individual family and the society at large.

History of father’s day

This idea of celebrating father’s day was proposed by Ms. Sonora Dodd, daughter of Spokane. She and other five other siblings were brought up by their father after their mother passed away. In 1909, Sonora attended a Mother’s Day Sermon, and she thought why not have father’s day as well yet both mother and father are parents and ought to be honored. She worked so hard to ensure that father’s day is also recognized. So many people laughed at her when she introduced this concept. Luckily, President Calvin Coolidge acknowledged Father’s day. Later in 1972, the President established a permanent observance of Father’s Day, which was to be held every third Sunday of June. After a while, the concept of celebrating Father’s day has spread across the world.

Memorable activities performed on Father’s Day

Before the day ends, you can wish your dad a happy father’s day. You can tell them directly or send them a message. As a father, he will remember this day and the message you sent or told him.

Spending time with family is very important, and the family can discuss on some issues affecting them. On this particular day, it will not cost you so much to plan a fishing trip or an outing. But do not forget to grab a gift or a card. To create a strong bond and make this day a special one, you can decide to perform the following activities.

Get out on the water. The feeling is so good when in water, even if the father is not for the idea try and make him love it. The whole family may decide to go fishing or swim. Either way, this will make the father very happy. In most local lakes, there are boats hired to people for a specific time; you can decide to make this an option in case you do not own a boat.

Make arrangements for massaging. Since fathers are always busy in most cases, it will be very wise to book him a massage. At times when busy, they tend to forget about themselves and focus on ways to generate income. Making these arrangements before this particular day is essential to avoid disappointments on a specific day. Make this day memorable, and he will always remember it.

Hiking is something else you can opt for. Enjoy the great outdoors as a family and go for a hike. Let the father decide on the place, either forest or maybe along a mountain trail.

Head to an outdoor movie. During summertime, various cities offer outdoor movies. If in your area there is one, then plan on attending it. You can as well be creative and set up a screen on your backyard and watch with the family. Do not forget to buy popcorns.

As a family dancing can also be fun. The father can dance alone or with the mother, daughter or son. An appropriate song is selected, and the family can dance together. The father-daughter dance, as well as father son dance, enable one to create that close bond with the children as well as making it memorable.

The activities are so many, as a family you can decide on which will be more fun.

Importance of Father’s Day

Celebrating this day enables us to express gratitude to dad for his unconditional love and affection.

Observing this day makes the father feel acknowledged by the children and the society, making them feel proud.

This day brings people closer to each other. At times, parent’s love is taken for granted, but on this day the child can reflect on the importance of the father. The child can appreciate the love and care provided by the father and hence being emotionally closer.

The children can reciprocate their father’s love by expressing how they love their father. The simplest way is to tell them how much you love them and give them a flower gift. Rose is a common flower for Father’s Day. The colors of the roses have different meanings; the red roses are meant for the living dads while white roses are for the deceased.

This day is also observed to instill a sense of respect in kids’ hearts.

Review of the Rap Song

Songs at times act as a way of conveying specific messages to people. A dad can dedicate a song to his country, family or community. In the rap song, it is a daddy’s girl song sang by Magnitude 7. Daddy songs may motivate most dads to love and cherish the families they have and avoid taking people for granted.

In magnitude’s song “You Are The Center of My Being,” this is a daddy’s song dedicated to his daughter, Vianne. This is a rap lyrical love song where the artist sings acknowledging the importance of being a father. He recognizes the value of having his daughter as life-changing. Apart from acknowledging his daughter as important, he promises not to surrender no matter the circumstance for the sake of his daughter.

The favorite part of this song is where he sings that his daughter is the center of his being, and the light of the darkness he is seeing.

The song highlights responsibilities of a father such as ensuring his daughter gets educated. It reminds people of how important a father is to the family and society.


For a child’s development, parent’s love is very important. Spending time together strengthens family bonds. Both parents are important, and no one should be given less attention.


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