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The Divine Divisions - Adam And Eve

The legendary man before the fall of consciousness is a star. The frequency of these beings are far more purified than this lower energy of the physical Universe. How these living entities of the sensible world took over the power of the Illumined who is the uncreated is through analytical or translations. How The eternal flowing idea of imagination turned into this I of time-space is an anomaly. We see we are cut in this forever solving equation of matter. There is the first man known now as Adam whom bite the apple or Gender. This is the masculine energy separating the female through the freewill. Are we an error of God? Nope we are the expressions of The One. The God of this world known as The Demiurge in Philosophy, from Plato, whom broke with Sophia or wisdom is the half creator. For He is not complete without the female energy. Power created this world and that this is not balanced. Now we know Good And Evil.

Clarification Of Energy As Life, Adam and Eve and I Am

"To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders." - Lao Tzu. The pure mind is in equilibrium which is why it is has no dimension or the zero. The matter is that of dancing opposite, which makes it dimensional. This can be visualized as that of a graph with zero, the mind at the center, as the source of the opposite forces of numbers or physical.

The first man with that of sense of Sin "Knowing Good and Evil" can be defined as the polarity. The snake represents the waves of energies giving the fruit or the first heartbeat. The heart is the first to develop in life as the source of power, which can be explained by the development of the embryo. For that the flow of energies is information the knowledge such as life and perceptions. Flatline is either dead or no activity such as the electrocardiogram, heart beat and electroencephalogram the measurement of brain waves.

Energies are all there is in reality. Energies are not created and cannot be destroyed when energies are used it just transforms. Energy is the essence of the eternal idea the self-creating, such as thought brings ideas and will shape itself. The physical reality is an ocean of energy for the normal understanding. The physical reality is a whole living being of energy which language is Mathematics.

The reason why we have the separation of matter from the unity of mind is because of choice. The choice is originally formed by the word Decision which in Latin is to cut off. Choice is the will or energy. Will derived from its original term as Wyllan is the desire. I Am is the word behind the power of will. I The Ego and Am going to. This Physical world is the cause of the will of the Ego or the idea of the I. It is the desire of our mind which creates imbalance or disharmony."

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