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The Everlasting Magic of Poetry

In the modern age, poetry has seemed to have been relegated to Literature textbooks and mandated college study for English majors. Its place on the back burner of literary enjoyment has robbed the modern generation of the beauty and hidden meaning of well-crafted words and phrases, made into a unique art form that stimulates the mind and appeals to the heart. 

Each artist tells a story with their poems--tales of inspiration, defeat, tragedy and loss through rhyme schemes and measured meters. Poetry gives the reader a look at life metaphorically or literally with each phrase worthy of close examination. 

Opening a book of poetry gives you a look into the artist's soul--their emotions, their struggles, and perhaps even the inner demons that we can relate to at three o'clock in the morning when feelings rule over logic and reason. Poetry is a tour of the unknown, the past and present mixing with the possible and the imaginary. 

For those who have been savored each line of T.S Eliot's The Waste Land, or found a new spiritual outlook from Walt Whitman's Song of Myself, you'll be glad to know that poets are still crafting word and phrases to inspire and amaze. The 19th and 20th-century poets surely didn't intend their craft to stop with time, like a clock perpetually striking midnight. They handed off the challenge to each generation to take up the gauntlet and write from a new perspective for a modern audience.  

We have not lost our poetry or our poets. Many talented authors have chosen poetry as their medium, despite the lack of appreciation from the internet age connoisseur of short articles, pulp novels, and propaganda that tells the reader what they should read and why. Poets, on the other hand, lay ideas bare in structured rhythmic obsessions, confessions, and observations that invite the reader to take a journey with them through words spoken from the soul. 


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