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The Hip-hop And Rap Revival

The Hip Hop And Rap Revival

Hip-hop gained popularity in the 1980s and 1990s and rap music which incorporates rhyming speech.  Rich hip-hop culture has four elements. They include: deejaying/ turn tabling, rapping, graffiti painting and B-boying which involves hip-hop dance, style or attitude. Hip-hop music in the 21st century is rocking in every place. The famously known rap stars like Dr. Dre, Lil Wayne, Kanye West are successful because of how they perform their music.  Face down by Kanye West, Rich Sex by Nicki Minaj and Drive Itself by Future ft. Lil Wayne are among the hot new hip hop music today. The message conveyed in hip-hop music include creating political, civil rights awareness among others.

Hip-hop background

Hip-hop began in South Bronx, the African American section. The rich hip-hop history beginnings were humble, and the aim was to encourage and uplift the people’s spirits when in pain or disappointed. DJ Kool Herc who is the founding father of hip-hop and Cindy, his sister held back to school parties in their home. These gatherings are said to be the start of today’s Hip-hop.

DJ Kool had an aim of increasing his audience and popularity. To achieve this, he approached his friend Coke La Rock. Coke La Rock became the MC in these parties, and when he spit his first bar, he became the first rapper in Hip-hop. Some companies did not see the need to invest in the rapping industry, as they considered rap music as a fad and not appropriate to spend. However, rap music gained recognition in 1979. The first rap song released and got commercial release was King Tim III’s sang by Fatback Band. After that, various songs were released, and that is how the hip-hop music became popular up to date.

Rap Guidelines

Rappers often integrate rhythm and flow to make rap sound interesting. They think of an idea or an experience and put it into writing. They choose wisely what to include as the content should appeal to the listener. For a new rapper, learning how to rap is not that hard. Below are some of the new rapper tips, and who knows you might be the next Nicki Minaj.

First, the rapper has to brainstorm. Decide on the topic and let your imagination be wild. To begin, most artists freestyle for a while and later put across what comes into the mind. Brainstorming has to be your motivation.

 Secondly is the creation of a hook. The rap is expected to have an intro, verse, chorus, bridge, and outro. Most rappers prefer to begin writing the hook which is the chorus.  The hook’s primary purpose is to capture the theme of the rap and pass on the message to the listener.

Thirdly, make an effort of writing lyrics. The brainstorming and creating a hook act as guides for what you will write. Do not forget to maintain the rhythm and follow the beat. Some lyricists at times listen to beats at the same write; this helps keep rhythm.

Fourthly, try as much as possible to be personal.  In this case, there is need to use hyperbole instead of lying about who you are in your raps. The words must not match precisely in the lines created.

Next step to follow is to organize your work. Since you have an idea of what to write, organizing won’t be a tough task. When breaking them into verses do not forget to follow layouts used in raps.

Additionally, you have to memorize what you have written. Recitation from ones’ memory is essential as it enables you to keep the flow and rhythm. Practice makes perfect, the more you do it then the words will be at your fingertips.

Lastly, rap and share. With the rhythm down and words in your memory, you are set to rap. You can decide to record yourself in your room or in front of people and share on the site accompanied by the lyrics.

In conclusion, the hip-hop and the rap game is a culture loved by various people. The artists are currently famous worldwide, and their music has enabled them to travel to different places and meet so many people. We all then have a role of reviving this rap and hip-hop spirit.



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