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The Importance Of Poetry

 Sadly, poetry seems to be becoming a lost form of art. This is such a shame considering no one seems to appreciate and even realize the true beauty and elegance of poetry. 

     In many ways, poetry can have very positive impacts in many people's lives. The beautiful flow of the words can speak to people in more ways than any of us may know. Poetry is very spiritual and can inspire anyone when they need some guiding words. Depending on what the story of the poem is, the author can trigger many different emotions in their readers. Some poems may have very happy messages while others may deliver sad messages. But we all need those guiding words each at different points in our lives. 

     A lot of times, authors of poems will write about real life events. The best way to get their stories across is by channeling really emotional moments. Such as falling in love, or maybe, falling out of it. This could also be some of the most relatable topics. We reach for these types of stories to read because we all want to know that we are not alone in this world and that someone else could actually be experiencing, or have experienced something similar to our own life events. 


Another important topic that poems tend to portray is mental illness. Personally, I have read many beautifully heartbreaking poems surrounding anxiety and depression. Along with happy emotions like falling in love, it's very important that readers know that it's okay to feel these sad emotions as well. Maybe reading a beautiful poem about these two subjects could inspire someone and maybe even save their life.

     No one ever knows how words could have such a strong impact on another person's life. An author never knows how their work is going to impact or maybe even change a person's life. Poetry is such a beautiful art that deserves to be cherished not only now, but for the rest of its existence.

The Importance Of Poetry



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