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Ways to Evoke Emotion in Poetry

Contemporary poetry of today is much different than the traditional old world poetry of which we were taught in school by literature. Real poetry paints vivid pictures and along with feeling real emotion. Here are just a few Ways to Evoke Emotion in Poetry:

* Using the active voice will add emotion to poetry.

* Use action verbs instead of linking verbs.

* It is wise to avoid using gerunds which hinder the meter and flow.

* Avoid using adverbs which hinder the flow.

* It is best to use metaphors instead of similes.

By using abstract words, it will help the writing speak to the images. By practicing writing poetry that allows the readers to see, hear, taste, feel, and smell will help evoke emotion in your work. The depth and talent of your poems can be truly breathtaking to your readers. Metaphor will surely bring you closer to emotion. Remember that poetry does not have to rhyme. 

A creative writing course can be helpful and informative to beginners. By studying poetic forms, it will help inspire you to write poetry easily. Allow your words to have soul, feeling. Metaphors can paint a better picture of comparing two objects. Add characters, people, to your work that make the poem come to life.

Birds chirp a lullaby at the peak of the morning sun. Speedy is the dragonfly, wish I could catch just one. Clovers fill the meadow and daisies are in bloom. Brilliant as the rainbow heanen's scent perfumes. I hear a sparrow singing sweet tunes of joy and glee. Sing a song sweet sparrow, sing a song for me.

Getting your readers to feel what you feel can be a challenge for most writers. Some of these feelings of emotion may include excitement, despair, anticipation, joy, anger, etc. Leave your emotions written in your poem. Add a few strong images to help your readers envision your experiences in your poetry.

Poetry holds real beauty and much value. There are natural born poets and those who learn. Poetry is the art of words. 

There are times of drama, prose, and learning A constant desire burning Laughter and tears and feelings of fear, all in a poet's world



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