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What Does Poetry Mean?

You can find many definitions of poetry in text books and classrooms, all very good to teach the forms of poetry and to learn about the great poets of the past. Those who set the groundwork for great poetry lived in a time far removed from our own, when poetry was everything and to know the poets and their work was considered a great accomplishment. In today's world many people that I have talked to think poetry too slow and boring to bother with. If they took the time they would understand the calming effects and mental exercise gained through reading poetry were great rewards for just a little more effort and time taken to read it. To me poetry means a chance to go into a calm and peaceful world, far from the rush and bustle of the modern world. While at the same time poetry can tell exciting stories of a time and people long past. From the days of knights and kings to the victorian age with it's grand homes and ancient etiquette. I see poetry as a portal to another time, another world, and deeds of bravery, tradgedy and love all recounted within one poetical work. Shakespeare, Keats, Scott and so many others that were the most popular authors of the published world many years ago. Mostly because they wrote in the age of poetry and their works still live on because of those who take the time to learn of their works and the beauty of poetry. Poems can express feelings that we may otherwise not know how to show, they can bring someone to tears or a smile to the face of the forlorn. Many years ago even battle cries were written in the style of poetry to rhyme and put courage into the hearts of the soldiers. Take a little time, read some poems from the great poets of the past and you will discover what poetry can mean to you.



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