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What Is The Root Word Of Urge To Know The Demiurge?

In explaining how the material world came to be let us unearth the meaning of what Plato had Philosophized as The Demiurge. The word Demiurge is a Craftsman but I would like to explicate the word Urge from this masculine energy which creates the physical Universe.

From the English Dictionary: Urge is a force or persuasion to an action but the definition which stands out from the is an involuntary, natural, or instinctive impulse. To further more amplify how this word Urge had rooted. From urg-, [erg-], -urgy, -urgia, -urgical, -urgically, -urgist, -urge this Greek word literally means work. The word Anthropology from the Greek anthropos, "man" and the Greek verb root erg, is the study of the origin of mankind its essence and nature. Chemurgy, chemurgic is also an important piece of understanding the word Demiurge.

Chemurgy is a field of chemistry that requires the use of raw, organic, and previously unused agricultural substances to produce new, nonfood products such as varnishes and paints. The terminology of this given field of the study suggests that the demiurge uses organic. ( Philosophy having an organization similar in its complexity to that of living things) to produce new.

There are these inorganic entities known as archons which serve the Demiurge. These entities had been said that they are a close relative to mankind but these inorganic or not in natural are jealous because they don't have the natural capability of mankind to create with imagination and therefore traps mankind with these urges. Chirurgical now we use the term surgical literally means handwork and then we arrive at the use of the word craftsman as the Demiurge.


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