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Writing Spiritual Poetry-Poetry Has a Spiritual Dimension

Bringing awareness to your spiritual nature and shedding light on the mystery of the spiritual realm is done through spiritual poetry. Poetry has a spiritual dimension. Writing spiritual poems allows the poet to experience the most useful exercise of soul. Words in spiritual poetry are entrance points into spiritual life.

It is an art of positive, uplifting, sacred, inspirational writings. Spiritual poetry writing can include Christianity, Folk religion, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, transcultural, international faiths, new religious movements, Judaism, Samaritanism, Vietnamese folk religion, Japanese new religions, Indian religions, Indigenous religions, ancient Egyptian religion, Zulu mythology, Bantu mythology, Iranian religions, Kurdish religions, and other spiritual worships of the world. Here is an an example of

Contemporary English Christianity Spiritual Poetry:

Alone in my room

I lay grieving on my bed I suddenly feel a hand

touch my head God sent me an angel

to comfort my soul I'm not alone now

her hand I will hold A comforting angel

whom I did not fear stood there beside me

and dried my tears

Special Occasions

Spiritual poetry is used popularly at many special occasions like church, weddings, funerals, and other spiritual events. Spiritual poetry can rhyme or it does not have to rhyme at all. It is meant to give inspiration, hope, be uplifting to those whose hearts are heavy, calm emotions, offer peace and serenity, and more.

High Value, Great Beauty, Strong Feeling

Spiritual poetry holds high value and great beauty along with strong feeling. There are ways of making poetry a spiritual practice. It can help one overcome self-centredness. It should offer empathy and insight. Living deeply will allow you to write great spiritual poetry well. A poet is an artist. In today's modern world. A male is often called a poet, a female is known by poetess. In the Old World, both males and females were poets.

Good Spiritual Poetry

Writing good spiritual poetry that touches the reader's heart, uplifts their emotions, and gives inspiration, need true effort, application of thinking, and much concentration. Choosing a path of self-transcendence will lead to a spiritual life. A poet’s sensibility is written in the expression of their poetry. Thinking deeply will allow you to express profound thoughts and ideas. It is also important that disappointment is embraced in your writing. Disappointment is a feeling or emotion that holds spiritual value. Never reach out for success, let it come to you, because it draw you away from the solitude that is essential to your creations.


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