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You Can’t Get Into Your Dreams By Sleeping. Wake Up Get Into Your Dreams.

I know I have been a floating log throughout most of my waking life or I don’t even know if I‘m really conscious. I had been into instant gratification that I had neglected my talents for the sake of I want it now. My long term goals had been taken by the wind. Well, these Unexpected circumstances had happened which is like a blessing in disguise. I am now seeing clear these skies that my feet should be walking. These dreams of mine that is just right there waiting for me to full fill.

As I had been busy grinding or making a living my mind had been muddy for the gold. I write when I have spare time and been planning to be a full-time writer or just create music or art.

In this rat race, I am chasing the cheese and the lion in me had been a cat. Was I following my impulses than my reasoning? The guide of light that I had been deaf I just begin to listen to them at this moment of trials.

A few days ago as I’m ready to do these repetitive daily work I have turned on the application on my cellphone and it won’t let me get on. I had checked my email and found that my account for this Gig had been deactivated for something which surprises me. I can’t remember anything that I had done which gets me in this hold for my account. Well, this brings realization to me.

I sat down and thought about my life. I had seen that I wasn’t really living the moment and too worried about the future and my past had always been chasing me. It feels like I’m going around in this roller coaster. At this moment I had just let go of everything and just relaxed.

I had permitted that creative force in me and had to flow with the Tao. Lao Tzu And his teaching had been a golden shine for me as I go on my journey in this world of The unnatural that I found myself in. I’m usually a stressed person who always thinks too much about matters. These solutions of how I should be living my life all along is there presented like a gift that's waiting for me to unwrap.


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