When it comes to gifts, we all look to give meaningful ones to people. It stands to reason then that people would love handpicked, original quotes and memento. This is exactly why a poet from San Jose, California got into the customizing business.

"Poems are a great gift for our loved ones"

Customizing our gifts means that we can give people something that is truly fitting. This shop is opening with shirts, mugs, cell phone cases, and more all printed with customized messages. The inspiration came from the fact that so many people want tangible items to help them remember milestones and loved ones. 

This type of gift is perfect for people who can't always think of the words to say, but want to express a sentiment. Sometimes, a person can speak louder through an artist's literary expression than one's own words. 

"For people looking for gift and love celebration"

The artist would like to announce the opening of this apparel shop to the media. The website has just recently been published, and the artist is ready to commence business. The custom t-shirts, poems on t-shirts, love quotes, and poems on coffee mugs are quality made with an artisan's touch.

The Californian vibe is infused into every creation. This business is sure to ignite the eyes of people who are looking for Christmas gifts this year as well as anything for further holidays to come. Consumers might also like to have special items that are one of a kind to decorate their homes and businesses with.

Poems print on t shirt, mugs, baseball caps, cellphone cases and more

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Dear audience, I’m happy to announce the release of a new rap song that is slightly different and more meaningful than the ordinary rap songs you know. This emotional song is about friendship, brotherhood and memories as opposed to the usual rap stuff you know. The message is powerful, deep, sad but reassuring.

Written by one of the best lyrical rappers and poets today who know the true friendship and brotherhood meaning, this deep and powerful song will bring back the memories, if you have lost a loved one or a friend you can’t forget just like that.

Listen to and enjoy the lyrics of this wonderful song that emphasizes on the importance of brotherhood. Find encouragement and the mental strength you need to stay strong and keep on moving forward, even after losing someone you loved and cared about very much, by listening to the lyrics.

The Song Offers Deep & Meaningful Content

It is worth noting that most modern rap songs aren’t about the message. Instead, they are about flamboyance, opulence, show off, and cockiness to say the least. However, I decided to take a different approach with this rap song. Fresh, new and written with a powerful message, this is one of the rare, meaningful rap songs ever produced in modern times.

A Brief about Me & My Inspiration for the Song

Before I wrap up, I would like to let you know a little bit about me and what gave me the inspiration to write this incredible song. I am a gifted and passionate poetic rapper from San Jose California. One of the things that I value most in life is friendship. And when the cruel death takes away someone that I love and care about, it takes a major toll on me just like you or anybody else. And when coping with a loss, I listen to songs about friendship and memories.

Finally, I would like to point out that I got the inspiration to compose this song from the loss of a friend. I welcome you to take a listen with the hope that it will help you feel better. I hope this song will not only bring back the memories, but also give you the strength you need at this time to move forward.

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

 Everyone may not be a naturally gifted writer, but there is certainly an inner poet in everyone. T.S. Eliot published an entire poem called "The Waste Land" in 1922 all starting from his feelings about a calendar month. The poem begins "April is the cruelest month...", and from that phrase on he managed to write a literary masterpiece studied at universities across the world.  He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1948.

   What made his work outstanding? Well his poems were certainly meaningful, including many references to academics of the past and of his time. Yet the poetry was also very disjointed, and only a scholar could pick out the parts that had meaning beyond sentence fragments. 

   This bit of background into a well-lauded poet should be an inspiration to all. To announce to humanity that poetry comes from the inside, from fragments of the imagination, observed phenomena, and bits of learned tucked away into the subconscious. While inspiration to write a poem may not come to land on one's shoulder like some external muse, it may surprise many that the impetus to express through prose rather can come from within.

  Writing poetry, if one were to follow Eliot's example, is something like the process of making a word salad. Start by gathering the delicious components, and then mixing them together in a pleasing ballad. Just whatever form one chooses, whether abab or haiku, remember to be listen to the inner urging of the poet within.

   The actual content of poetry can neither be marked right or wrong. There is no test to fail here in choosing the wrong material. That is the beauty of coming to know the inner poet inside oneself. And once expressed, it is a written record of fragments of the individual consciousness.

   Others, in observing the poet's boldness, will respect the effort for art and art's sake alone. Many are too intimidated to try themselves. But within all is a sleeping poet, waiting to be resurrected from slumber in order to create an imprint of past impressions. And there will be others, who in wanting to connect with the human spirit, will read the poem hoping to connect something of another's spirit to theirs. If only the person picks up the pen and writes. 

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